A Good Man

If you looked up “a good man” in any dictionary, I am certain that a picture of my husband would appear. While most men are enjoying this day being spoiled by family, Tommy answered the phone call asking him to come in and work 12 hours again today (he did the same yesterday) because he knows we could use the money. While most men are content to let their wives run in twelve directions (shopping, cleaning, rescuing animals) while they sit on the couch channel surfing, Tommy insists on being with me through all these moments just to be beside me. While most men, come in from work and wait for supper to be served, kick off their shoes, watch the tv, and head to bed, Tommy helps with supper, plays with the kids, tends to the elderly neighbor, works on a friends car, loves his wife. All because that’s the kind of man he is… the kind of man I want our three sons to grow to be.. a good man. Happy Father’s Day to the best man I’ve ever known!!  I love you, Tommy!
(Pictures from our 16th anniversary, vow renewal ceremony.) 




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