Love, Scarlet

Dear Faith,

13062020_10153337154081511_3029146605378548478_nKeep an eye on me, lil one,

I’ll show you how it’s done.

It’s up to you to continue

the work I have begun.


You’ll need to have patience.

You’ll need to understand.

Our master’s are only human –

They’re doing the best they can.


The worries of their world

are not the same as ours.

You’ll need to help them find their way,

and help to mend their scars.



Be there just to listen.

It helps more than you know

Give more than what is given.

Their love for you will show.


Our duties are quiet simple.

It’s the way God designed us to be.

– to offer hope in trouble times;

– to love unconditionally;


– to live the fullest in each moment;

– to always protect without fail;

– to offer a paw as a show of affection;

or a constant thump of your approving tail.


The words I teach you are important

if you’re to be their true friend.

My life on earth has been a good one

Take care of our family, ’til I’m with them again.


Love, Scarlet

Katie Scarlet Sivils, CGC, TDI

April 1, 2004-April 18, 2016




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