Samantha Sivils Pet Photography F.A.Q.

How did you get your start in pet photography?

It was quite by accident.  After the birth of my children I began “shooting” everything.  Our family dogs were always part of the process.  At some point I realized it was easier to get the dogs to “sit” and “stay” than it was the children, and I’ve preferred taking pet pictures ever since!


How do I book a session?

Email me at .  We’ll go from there!


Where is the photography location?

I am happy to work with you to find the perfect location for your session.  Whether your dog is most comfortable in your home, at the park, or at a lake, we will meet in a place that will provide you and your pet with a memorable and pleasant setting.


Do you have a background handling dogs?

As a matter of fact, I do!  For more than ten years I have handled and trained therapy dogs, worked in rescue shelters, rehabilitated abused dogs, and fostered dozens more.    I also organize and direct an annual “Dog Days of Summer” kids camp that focuses on teaching children responsible dog ownership and safety around strange dogs.


My dog is an obedience school drop out.  Will you be able to work with him?

Absolutely!  I have the patience of Job when it comes to working with pets.  I work around each dogs individual personality whether that includes a playful terrier, a lazy English Bulldog, or a yappy Chihuahua.  My goal is to truly capture each dog’s spirit through photography.


How long does a session usually last?

Until the job is done, but because our pets have a much shorter attention span than humans, I try to make our photo sessions as fun and quick for them as possible.  I typically schedule for an hour but that is adjusted shorter or longer according to the pet.


How many dogs can be in a picture?

How many dogs do you have?  If we can get them in one frame, I’m game!


Can humans be in the pictures too?

I love capturing the special bond between a dog and its person, but please remember I am first and foremost a pet photographer.  I’m use to clients with their tongues hanging out of their mouths and rear ends dragging the ground.  So I’m not always as in tune to remind you that these behaviors are not appropriate for humans.  All that being said, yes, you can be in a few pictures.


Do I need to sell a major organ in order to afford a photo session with you?

I am a mom to four and realize that the going price for everything these days is “more than I can afford”.  With that in mind, I offer packages to suit EVERY budget.  Let me know what you’re looking for and we will work together to tailor a package according to your needs.


What should I bring to the session?

A smile and your dog!  A favorite toy or blanket always adds a more personal touch to pictures.  I will have squeaky toys and treats to get your dogs attention.  If your dog has any food sensitivities, please advise me beforehand.


Do you need my help?

You know how sometimes kids behave better when their parents aren’t around?  Well sometimes, dogs are the same!  And while I certainly want you to be part of the session process, I do have a photography assistant that will assist me in posing the dogs for different shots.  So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!


***A portion of all monies earned through Samantha Sivils Pet Photography goes towards the family’s therapy dog outreach, Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, and Christian missions.**






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